Your First Year in Ministry

What they didn't teach you in Seminary

This excellent resource for new pastors and seminary students is designed to bridge the gap between the academic world, and the real world of actual ministry. Written by Glyn Norman, a pastor with over 20 years experience, this book will enable the new pastor to avoid the usual pitfalls of ministry, and hit the ground running. Filled with tips to save time and increase effectiveness, implementing any one of them would be worth the price of the book alone. Ideal as a gift for a new pastor, or seminary graduate gift.


Chapters include:

  • Chapter 1: Landing Your First Job
  • Chapter 2: Dealing With Expectations
  • Chapter 3: Time Management
  • Chapter 4: Working With Volunteers
  • Chapter 5: Preaching
  • Chapter 6: Counseling
  • Chapter 7: Self-Care
  • Chapter 8: Weddings
  • Chapter 9: Funerals
  • Chapter 10: Hospital Visits
  • Chapter 11: Conflict


Although seminaries drill the budding minister in theology, homiletics and parsing verbs, they generally fall dreadfully short in equipping a neophyte pastor to navigate through the muddled maze of ministry, the minefield of church politics and the daily grind of the mundane. This book is a gold mine of practical, hands-on, and gut-level advice and help for ministers of the gospel. Reading this book before I entered the ministry would have saved me a lot of time, stress and headaches”
Richard Chip Kirk, International Minister, Operation Mobilization

I have known Glyn for over 20 years. Even as a ‘boy’ in seminary he was able to speak into situations with refreshing simplicity and clarity. Nothing has changed, except perhaps for a lot more grey hairs caused by the years of ministry experience needed to write this book. If you want to stave off the grey hairs and thrive in ministry, this easy to read book will be worth the investment.
Craig Rees, Senior Pastor