If God had a Fridge, Your Picture would be on it

How seeing yourself as God sees you, changes everything!

Our self-image is shaped by a number of sources: our family, society, what we have done, what has been done to us. It is much like being in a carnival house of mirrors: at every turn we are presented with a distorted image of ourselves. This book, by Pastor Glyn Norman, examines these sources of self-image and compares them to what God says about us and who we are. By looking at relevant Bible texts, you will gain a fresh perspective on the value God places on you and your potential. From the Author: “How many of us suffer in our relationships, in our view of ourselves and our potential, because we have been presented with a distorted image?

  • Maybe a parent made you feel unloved and unwanted
  • Maybe a teacher convinced you that you would never amount to anything
  • Perhaps a boss let you know how little he thought of you
  • Maybe you have been abused and sinned against, and you feel dirty and ashamed
  • Perhaps a spouse has chipped away at your self-belief and you feel like a failure
  • Perhaps the weight of your own mistakes and poor choices weighs on you daily
  • Maybe you became persuaded that if you were just a little prettier, a little smarter, a little less socially awkward, then you would be acceptable

Over the years I have been a pastor, through hundreds of counseling appointments and pastoral conversations, I have seen the same issues surface again and again, with a common root cause: we look to the wrong places for our self-image. Only when we understand how God sees us will we experience freedom. Understanding how we appear to God changes everything. Only when we appreciate to the depths of our being, how precious and loved we are by our Creator and Savior, can we truly move into the abundant life that he promised us. In this book, I examine the different sources of our self-image and will show you that you have a unique value to God, and a special place in his plan. As the title says, “If God had a fridge, your picture would be on it!” _______ For anyone who has ever struggled with self-image, or self-esteem, this book will be a wonderful encouragement and provide emotional healing, as you learn to see yourself as God sees you. If God had a fridge, your picture would be on it!

Contents Include:

  • Chapter 1: Does Anybody Even Want Me Here?
  • Chapter 2: What Does Jesus Have to Teach Us About Self-Image?
  • Chapter 3: Am I a Cosmic Accident?
  • Chapter 4: How Did My Family Affect My Self-Image?
  • Chapter 5: Who Does Society Say I Am?
  • Chapter 6: Sinned Against: What Have They Done To Me?
  • Chapter 7: Sinner: What Have I Done (to Myself and Others)?
  • Chapter 8: What Am I Really Worth?


“When Jesus asked His disciples—“Who do you say that I am?”—only one, Peter, knew the answer. Sadly, many of us don’t know who we are either. From the time we are born we are bombarded with messages, verbal or otherwise, about our self-worth, our place in this world and our value as a human being. And all too often our self-image ends up battered, bruised and broken. In this book, Glyn Norman compassionately, captivatingly and scripturally takes the reader on a restorative journey towards emotional healing and a renewed self-image based on God’s passionate love for us. After reading this book you will more clearly understand that if God had a refrigerator, your picture would indeed be on it.”

Richard (Chip) Kirk,  International Minister, Operation Mobilization