The Lord is my shepherd; I shall lack nothing…

The profundity of that first verse of Psalm 23 struck me afresh this morning. Even in those few words, so much deep theological truth and comfort is communicated.

The Lord… this is not some flake, some untrustworthy person, some “bloke I met down the pub”, some shady character that contacted me online… this is THE LORD, the Almighty, the creator and sustainer of my faith, the one who spun worlds into place… this is the one who is my shepherd. The one who does not change, is not fickle or flighty, who sustains good will towards me now and to the end of my days.

Is my shepherd… his relationship to me is as a shepherd to his sheep. His job description is to guard me from predators and evil, to feed me, to lead me, and to carry me if I am injured. He has a duty of care towards me. He is not indifferent or callous. He knows me, and he cares.

I shall lack nothing… This is stunning. When I am tempted to worry about lack, he assures me that I shall lack nothing. When I fear that there will be scarcity, he promises abundance.

I shall not lack… in energy today. Even with all the work ahead of me, I shall not lack emotional and spiritual energy to love my wife and children when I get home.

I shall not lack… in provision for the future. Despite the crazy gyrations of the stock market and my concerns about having enough for retirement due to starting late, he assures me that he will provide and I will not lack.

I shall not lack… in wisdom today, for the challenges that come my way, for the complex interpersonal situations I am dealing with, for the counseling appointments this week… I shall have sufficient wisdom because I have asked for it.

I shall not lack. Underneath it all is an implicit question: do I trust Him? When he says that he is my shepherd and I shall lack nothing, do I believe it? Has he given me any indication that he cannot be trusted. No.

So, today, I choose to trust in this Good Shepherd, who knows this sheep and cares for him.

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