Following Richard Rock’s excellent sermon on the Bible and science last Sunday at Central Christian Church, (which you can view here if you missed it) here are a few resources for those who wish to dig deeper. Many of these resources focus on the creation question, but there are some wider applications also, generally concerned with the historical accuracy of the Bible etc.

The Center for Theology and Natural Science promotes the creative mutual interaction between theology an the natural sciences, including ethics and spirituality

The Institute for Creation Research equips believers with evidence of the Bible’s accuracy and authority through scientific research, educational programs, and media presentations, all conducted within a thoroughly biblical framework.

Creation Today seeks to help individuals know and defend their faith in Creator God and share him through the foundations of Scripture.

Answers in Genesis takes the approach that we don’t have to abandon all the work of secular scientists; we can often co-opt their work into a biblical worldview.

Biologos is a community of evangelical Christians committed to exploring the compatibility of evolutionary creation and biblical faith

Reasons to Believe demonstrates that sound reason and scientific research consistently support rather than erode confidence in the truth of the Bible.

Creation Science Movement is the oldest creationist movement in the world, founded in 1932 as the Evolution Protest Movement with the aim of restoring faith in the Bible and science.

Associates for Biblical Research demonstrates the historical reliability of the Bible through archeological research and related apologetic material.




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