Oh my God 

Oh my God,

My God indeed,

Creator of infinite space,

Come to this God-forechosen place,

Majesty, omnipotence, glory,

Distilled in this newborn grace.

How can it be

This your contradictory singularity?

God and man

Shepherd and lamb.

Prince and peasant

Saviour and sacrifice.

Potentate and refugee

One and three.

Oh my God,

My God indeed,

Sole seed of divine purity

Come in mortal humility to bleed

For all our sin-stained need.

Oh my God, my God in deed…

Come to me. Come to me…


Mark Greene, Executive Director of the London Institute for Contemporary Christianity (LICC)

From Adventure: Christmas Poems (Muddy Pearl Books, 2014).

Mark was a student, and later Lecturer at London Bible College, one year ahead of me (Glyn).

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