Today I thought I would include a poem I wrote about Christmas back in 1994.

Herod’s Christmas List
Glyn Norman

Herod wants a dead baby for Christmas.
He can’t be sure which one is Jesus so it would be better to kill all the Bethlehem babies, wouldn’t it? Can’t be too careful. Don’t want some upstart child exciting those Jews and disturbing the peace.
But that was then; this is now.
We don’t kill children anymore.


He tried to convince the kings that it would be in their best interests to let him know where the baby is. But they were noble and wouldn’t be bribed.
But that was then; this is now.
We know the meaning of honour and integrity.


Jesus started his life with a death threat on his head. He ended it being murdered under the eyes of vicious, conquering tyrants.
But that was then; this is now.
We wouldn’t let someone kill an innocent Jew.


The kings came bearing expensive gifts. They made the effort.
That was then; this is now.
We make the effort too. We know the true meaning of Christmas.


Of course, we are not Herod. We would never do anything so distasteful and messy to get rid of Jesus. We have much more subtle ways of dealing with problems like that. It’s really quite clever: no violence, no fuss, no bother. I’ll tell you how.

Ignore him.

Happy Christlessmas.

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