From Glyn:

This last Sunday, March 2nd, we announced our news to our current church in Tampa, that I have been called to be the Lead Pastor of Central Christian Church in San Jose, CA. The current Senior Pastor, Roger Edrington will be retiring in about 9 months, and there will be a transitional period when we work together, then as he retires, I will take the helm.

This news brings with it a mix of emotions. There are some deep friendships here in Tampa that have been established over the last 5 years, and some fruitful times of ministry. It’s sad to leave those behind. But also, we’re excited about what God might do in this next chapter of the adventure in California.

For those saying goodbye: we are sad to leave you and will carry many fond memories with us.

For those saying hello: we’re excited to get to know you all, and see what God is up to in San Jose!

As far as the timing goes, I will move to San Jose on March 13, and Cathleen and the kids will move to Cathleen’s mother’s house in Southern California until her brother’s wedding on March 21. Glyn will sort out the house, receive the moving van and get unpacked, then fly down for the wedding, and we’ll drive up together to San Jose on Saturday March 22.

Our last Sunday in Tampa, will be March 9th, when Glyn will be preaching at the Davis Islands campus (9.30am and 11am), following which there will be a “Goodbye Potluck” at the church.

The following Sunday he will be preaching his first Sunday on staff at Central Christian Church, San Jose, CA.

For those wishing to keep in touch, here are some ways:

Follow me on Twitter:

Visit my website: I often write a devotional blog that you might enjoy reading.

Visit the new church website: where you will also be able to hear audio (and maybe video in the future) messages.

Friend me or Cathleen on Facebook and keep in touch that way.

Thanks to all who have graced us here with rich friendships and countless small acts which equal a multitude of blessings.

Thanks to all at Central, who eagerly await our arrival. I know you will embrace and welcome my family as enthusiastically as you did me.

From Cathleen:

Moving from CA to FL was huge for me, especially because I was leaving my big extended family for the first time. I begged God to provide a spiritual family for us here in Tampa, and He did! Through our amazing neighborhood community, our sweet small group that met at our house, the friends at Small Blessings preschool and then Ballast Point Elementary, the Bible studies at STF, our fellowship at the DI campus, Awana and VBS, and most recently CBS… we have a HUGE family! You all have poured out God’s love on us!

I came here a mother of a three-year-old son and an eight-month-old daughter. I came here in a stage of life that was very precious but also very draining. But through studying God’s Word with you, praying with you, and just being with you, I have been so energized and filled to overflowing! Tampa will always have a special place in my testimony! And you will always have a place in my heart!

We now leave with an eight-year-old son and five-year-old daughter who have grown in Christ because of faithful teachers and volunteers. I leave with a renewed thirst for God’s Word and an eagerness to do God’s will in San Jose! I also leave with a year and a half experience as a professional photographer (thanks to the encouragement of many here in Tampa)! You heard a bit from Glyn, but I am especially blessed by the fact that he leaves here with a legacy of having written three books that have encouraged so many in the faith. And we all leave here with incredible friendships that will transcend this life!

And although I will deeply miss the being in close proximity with those friendships here in Tampa, I am so excited to be moving back to CA! God is so good! The brief visit I made to Central a few weeks ago (incognito) was so encouraging… it felt like home! To those at Central, I cannot wait to worship with you, study with you, and be in community with you! God has worked out all the details, and I already have beautiful stories of God’s direction and provision in this journey to Northern CA!

One small story is that we each independently asked God to confirm His blessing on this move by allowing it to rain in San Jose. I specifically prayed that this rain would symbolize God’s reign over Central, that we would be a blessing there. And we shared this information with each other after we saw the forecast for the following week: rain! The following verse is one I held onto out here, and it is appropriate for this move now:

Psalm 97:1 The Lord reigns, let the earth rejoice;
    let the many coastlands be glad!



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