TV that I love…

One show is very worthy of mention: Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. This is what we watch on Sunday nights when we’re at home. It has always been a fun game for me to watch the show and see how many “religious” terms they end up using, because they can’t help themselves. What they are doing is so inherently redemptive, that only religious language can do it justice. My game reached an ultimate vindication last week, when Ty actually prayed together with a family.

I think this team is such a beautiful picture of what a church can be, whether it is redeeming broken down houses or broken relationships. Redemption is beautiful in itself, and on this Easter Week, I’m conscious of what it cost to bring back beauty and wholeness to a broken world.

And unlike in the TV show, where the recipients are so very worthy, by virtue of the tragedy they have experienced, or the hardships they currently face… we are so unworthy, yet still recipients of wonderful grace.

So, kudos to Ty and team, love in action, redemption at work. It’s definitely spiritual.

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